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Shipping & Delivery

Information on delivery time & shipping costs

We do everything we can to ensure that your ergobag products arrive at your home as quickly as possible. If individual items have a longer delivery time, your order will be shipped as soon as all items in your order are in stock. If you choose to pay in advance by bank transfer, the delivery time depends on the receipt of payment on our account. The expected delivery time to the respective countries and the shipping costs can be found in the menu below.


DHL: 3-5 working days after receipt of payment - 4.90 €
free shipping from 29.00 €

Italy & Austria

DHL or DPD: 4–6 working days – 4.90 €
free over 39.00 €


DHL or DPD: 4–6 working days – 9.90 €
free over 39.00 €

France & Spain

DHL or DPD: 4–6 working days – 4.90 €
free over 49.00 €


DHL or DPD: 4–6 working days – 9.90 €
free over 99.00


DHL or DPD: 4–6 working days – 4.90 €
free over 199.00 €


DHL or DPD: 10-12 working days – 9.90 €
free over 199.00 €


DHL or DPD: 10-12 working days – 9.90 €
free over 199.00 €


DPD: 3-5 days – 14.90 €
free over 199.00 €

For deliveries to Switzerland, additional value-added tax, duties or other charges such as customs clearance costs may occur. These costs are not included in the goods or shipping costs for end customers and may have to be paid by you to a third party when the goods are imported. The value-added tax is calculated based on the taxable value of goods – which consists of cost of goods, shipping costs, customs clearance costs and duties. For detailed information on the customs duties, please visit the TARES calculator of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration at https://xtares.admin.ch/tares/login/loginFormFiller.do .

Malta, Croatia, Rumania & Ireland

DHL or DPD: 4–6 working days – 14.90 €
free over 199.00 €

Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Lettland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic & Hungary

DHL or DPD: 4–6 working days – 9.90 €
free over 199.00 €

Did you know that the packaging and shipping costs do not only include the actual shipping costs? Transport insurance, the cost of shipping staff and packaging are also included. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If the product does not meet your expectations, you have the option of returning it to us within the return period* of 30 days (except for caseable GmbH license Kletties).

After receiving your return, you will be refunded using the same payment method that you used to pay for your order. Please note that a direct exchange is unfortunately not possible.

*This does not affect your statutory right of withdrawal. The details of the statutory right of withdrawal can be found under § 4 of our terms and conditions.

Germany & Switzerland

Returns from Germany and Switzerland are free of charge.

1.Please print out the following form and enclose it with your parcel. 2. 2. print out the return slip and stick it on your package. •Return label GermanyReturn label Switzerland

All other countries

Returns outside Germany and Switzerland are at your own expense.
1. Please print out the following form and enclose it with your parcel.
2. In this case, send the return with sufficient postage to:

FOND OF GmbH - Returns B2C
c/o dadada GmbH
Heinrich-Barth-Strasse 16
53881 Euskirchen

License Kletties

If you are not satisfied with your license Klettie, please contact caseable GmbH, who are responsible for returns and complaints about the product. You can find information at: https://caseable.co.uk/policies/terms-of-service

Right of withdrawal

In addition to its statutory rights, FOND OF grants you a voluntary return guarantee of 30 days from receipt of the goods, provided that they are complete and in the same condition as when received. You can also withdraw from the contract after expiry of the 14-day revocation period (see revocation instructions under § 4 of the General Terms and Conditions ) by returning the goods within 30 days of receipt (period begins on the day after receipt of goods) to

FOND OF GmbH - Retoure B2C c/o dadada GmbH Heinrich-Barth-Strasse 16 53881 Euskirchen

Timely dispatch is sufficient to meet the deadline. (2) Until the expiry of the deadline for the statutory right of withdrawal, only the statutory conditions listed there apply. (3) If you return goods in accordance with the voluntary return guarantee, we will refund the purchase price.

Complaint & Spare Parts

If you discover a defect or require a replacement part within the guarantee or warranty period, please send us an e-mail.

Please include a photo of the product, a close-up of the defect and your proof of purchase so that we can check your claim.

In the case of defective or lost buckles and straps, we will send you a free replacement by post at any time (even outside the warranty period and without proof of purchase).

The complaint via the form is only possible for customers from Germany and Austria. For complaints from other countries, please contact us by email: info@ergobag.d

Payment with credit card

You can pay conveniently and securely by credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Your data will be transmitted encrypted via SSL, which makes your purchase with us safe due to this high security standard.

When completing the order, a 3DS authentication is used (Verified by VISA, MasterCard Secure Code). This type of authentication ensures the particularly secure execution of transactions on the Internet via special encryption procedures.

No additional software is required for this. You will be automatically redirected to the page of your bank for payment processing. To complete the order, please follow the steps indicated there.

If you receive an error message, this may be due to the following reasons:
- The 3D Secure Code is not correct
- The bank has not authenticated the credit card
- The credit card limit is not covered

If in doubt, please contact your bank or our customer service.

Payment with PayPal

If you would like to pay via PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal at the end of the order process.
Here you can log in to your existing PayPal account, register as a guest or open a new PayPal account and make the payment.
After successful payment you will be redirected back to our order overview and can complete your order. Your payment will usually be credited to our account within a few minutes and your order will be processed immediately.

Please note that by using Paypal you agree to the terms and conditions of PayPal and therefore accept the processes of Paypal.

Payment in advance

If you select the payment method "Prepayment", your order will be processed after receipt of payment.

Please state your order number in the reason for payment when making your transfer. You will find this in the order confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail after purchase (it may take a few minutes until this e-mail arrives).

Our bank details:

Account holder: FOND OF GmbH
IBAN: DE45 300 600 100 000 228 030

Warranty conditions

Our warranty terms apply individually for each country. Learn more on our warranty terms for the EU and Switzerland. For further information on other countries please contact us: service@ergobag.de

FOND OF GmbH provides a two-year warranty on material and workmanship for all backpacks from the date of purchase. The warranty is valid within the territory of the European Union and Switzerland.

The legal warranty rights of the buyer (replacement, withdrawal or reduction as well as damages if applicable under Section 437 et seq of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch or BGB)) are not limited under this warranty but may be exercised independently of this warranty against the retailer (seller).

If the buyer finds material or manufacturing defects within the two-year warranty period and returns the product to the retailer or directly to FOND OF GmbH prior to expiration of the warranty, FOND OF GmbH will correct the defect or replace the product with a defect-free product. FOND OF GmbH has the right to decide on the nature of the corrective action. FOND OF GmbH will cover all costs incurred in correcting the defect as such but no other costs that may arise in connection with the warranty claim, such as transport or shipping costs for example.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper handling, accidents or extreme temperatures. Also excluded under the warranty are the accessories listed below, which are subject only to legal warranty rights: sports backpacks, sports bags, gym bags, hard pencil cases, soft pencil cases, rain capes, Styler boxes, TripleFlex folder boxes, folder boxes, laptop cases, drinking bottles, neck pouches, pencil cases incl. contents, safety sets, Kletties, wallets, goodie bags.

In the event of a warranty claim, the warranty period is not extended for a further two years. The warranty is always valid for a limited period of two years calculated from the date of purchase.

When filing a warranty claim, the buyer must submit a purchase receipt from the retailer (invoice or cash register receipt) indicating the date of purchase. Technical modifications to the product may be made without notice.

Warranty conditions

General and warranty

We, FOND OF GmbH, grant a two-year manufacturer's warranty on the workmanship and materials of all ergobag school bags from the date of purchase. The guarantee applies within the territorial scope of the European Union and Switzerland and within the personal scope of application if you have purchased an ergobag school bag as a consumer within the meaning of § 13 BGB (German Civil Code).

Your legal rights as a consumer in the event of defects (subsequent performance, withdrawal or reduction and, if applicable, compensation for damages in accordance with §§ 437 ff. BGB) are not limited by this warranty, but can be asserted against the respective dealer (seller) independently and free of charge of this warranty.

If you discover any defects in material or workmanship within the two-year warranty period and hand over the ergobag school bag to the respective dealer or directly to us before the warranty expires, we will remedy the defect in question or replace the ergobag school bag with a defect-free product. We will decide on the method of remedying the defect. We will bear the costs incurred for the rectification of the defect as such as well as any shipping costs. Other costs that may arise in connection with the warranty claim, such as costs for shipping cartons, will not be borne by us.

The guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper handling, accidents or extreme temperatures.

Excluded from the warranty are any accessories of the ergobag school bags for which only the statutory warranty rights apply, in particular: Leisure backpacks, sports bags, sports bags, pencil cases, rain capes, school bags, exercise book boxes, drinking bottles, lunch boxes, sternum bags, pencil cases incl. filling, hangies, Kletties, zippies, reflective stickers, umbrellas.

Please note that the ergobag school bag may become deformed due to external influences such as washing in the dishwasher or washing machine or strong force from above, e.g. sitting on it, and may therefore lose/lose stability. In addition, the deformed body may mean that your school bag (cubo/light/wide) can no longer be opened/closed properly. In these cases, our guarantee does not apply, as this is a case of improper handling.

In the event of a guarantee claim, the guarantee period is not extended by a further two years. The guarantee is always valid from the date of purchase and is limited to the two-year period calculated from the date of purchase.

Execution of the warranty claim In the event of a guarantee claim, please contact us as the guarantor:

FOND OF GmbH Vitalisstrasse 67 50827 Cologne info@ergobag.de +49 (0) 221 9567 3230

To make a warranty claim, you must first notify us of the damage to your ergobag school bag by e-mail, telephone or directly via the online contact form provided for this purpose. The notification must include proof of purchase (invoice or receipt), a description of the damage, photos of the damage and the claimant's personal address details. Approximately 1-2 working days after sending the form, you will receive a reply from us by e-mail in which the warranty case is classified and the further procedure is explained.

Procedure in the case of a warranty claim

Provided that all the necessary information has been provided and the warranty claim has been made, you will receive a return label from us and please send the ergobag school bag that is the subject of the claim back to us in the original box or a suitable package. The ergobag school bag will be inspected and repaired approx. 1-2 working days after receipt of the return. If the product has an irreparable defect, you will be contacted again by e-mail and informed of your entitlement to an exchange product. If the inspection shows that there is no warranty claim, we will return your ergobag school bag to you free of charge.

Product advice

Do you have questions about our products or need help choosing the right ergobag model?

Our various services offer you support at all times and help you to answer all your questions about our products.

Dealer search & appointment service

Would you like to get advice from one of our specialist dealers on site? Use our retailer locator to find a retailer near you. You can also use our dealer search to make an appointment with one of our specialist dealers quickly and easily. Simply enter your zip code, select a retailer and book an appointment.

Questions and answers about our models

This year we not only worked on new designs, but also gave all our models a general overhaul. Here are the most important questions and answers.

Why are the ergobag pack and ergobag cubo available with and without side pockets?

We questioned our models in terms of functions, listened to our little wearers and decided as a result: We want to make our school bags even better. One change concerns the side pockets, which before the fall-winter 2022 collection were purchased items and could be attached with a zip. The pack and cubo models now have firmly sewn-on side pockets.

Why do the models of the new season sometimes cost more than the old models?

The products now have a new practical feature with the side pockets. Due to additional material and the rising raw material prices worldwide, we had to raise the prices in some cases.

How do the ergobag pack and cubo sets of the old and the new collection differ from each other?
What is included in the ergobag cubo light set?

Since the cubo light model does not have any firmly sewn-on side pockets, we include these with the set so that you can zip them on. So you have no disadvantage compared to the cubos and packs, which have sewn-on side pockets from the 2022 autumn/winter collection.

What has been improved on the models?

Our product development team has not only designed new, great colors, but also completely overhauled all our models. The result of the pack is a complete facelift with a newly designed floor pan, which triggers an ergonomic advantage. We have optimized smaller and larger components on the entire carrying system. This applies in particular to the shoulder strap, the hip belt and the back plate. The goal, namely even more comfort and better fit and ergonomics, has thus been achieved. We have also integrated a compartment in the lid for further organization and added a second loop for hangies.

Which side pockets match the color of my backpack?

Our zip sets are primarily used for better visibility, which is why they are only available in selected colors and do not match all of our backpack designs.

When will my dream school backpack be available again?

Normally we add a date when the respective school-backpacks will be available again. You can also subscribe to our Stock Alert and you will then receive an email notification of availability. Of course there are also discontinued models, these will not be returned to our shop, but could still be available from our dealers.

Why aren't my side pockets holding up?

It can happen that the side pockets don't hold up if they are loaded too heavily.

Wir bei sfoli kombinieren moderne Designs mit durchdachter Funktionalität, die Kinderfüßen Spaß bereitet: Ob besonders dünne flexible Sohlen für den direkten Kontakt zum Untergrund, ein natürlich geformter Zehenbereich für eine optimale Entwicklung von Kinderfüßen oder raffinierte Ideen für einfaches An- und Ausziehen. Darüber hinaus setzen wir möglichst ressourcenschonende Materialien ein und achten auf faire Produktionsbedingungen. Mit sfoli sind wir immer einen Schritt voraus.

sfoli ist eine brandneue Marke, in der trotzdem mehr als 10 Jahre Erfahrung stecken: sfoli ist nämlich das Neueste von den Erfindern von ergobag. Unsere gemeinsame Mission ist es, Produkte zu entwickeln, die funktional sind und dabei Spaß machen, um somit die Entwicklung von Kindern zu unterstützen. Wir haben verstanden, was Kinder brauchen und wollen und was Eltern sich wünschen. Und das packen wir bei sfoli einfach zusammen.
sfoli & ergobag sind überzeugt, dass es wichtig ist, den nachfolgenden Generationen eine gesunde Welt zu hinterlassen. Der Einsatz möglichst ressourcenschonender Materialien sowie faire Produktionsbedingungen bilden die Grundlage, um dieses Ziel zu erreichen.

Wie kann ich die Schuhe retournieren oder reklamieren?

Wir geben uns bei der Entwicklung und Herstellung unserer Produkte allergrößte Mühe und hoffen, dass du mit deinen sfoli Schuhen zufrieden bist. Möchtest du nach dem Kauf dennoch Produkte zurückschicken, hast du die Möglichkeit, deine Bestellung innerhalb von 30 Tagen zu retournieren. Leider passieren manchmal auch Fehler. Wenn du innerhalb der Garantie- bzw. Gewährleistungszeit einen Defekt feststellst, bitten wir dich, unser Reklamationsformular auszufüllen.


Our service team is there for you. Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 06:00pm

Tel.: +49 221 956 73 230

Or you write us a message to info@ergobag.de .
If you have questions about your order, please include your order number if possible. You can find your order number in your order confirmation mail.

Was bedeuten "proof" und "plus"?

Unser sporti plus, sporti up plus und multi proof sind alle leicht gefüttert und im Material verstärkt worden. Und der multi proof ist auch noch wasserdicht! Da können die kühleren Tage kommen!

multi proof
Das ist neu

wasserdichte Membran
leicht gefüttert verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

multi proof entdecken
sporti-up plus
Das ist neu

leicht gefüttert
verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

sporti-up plus entdecken
sporti plus
Das ist neu

leicht gefüttert
verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

sporti plus entdecken