Change your ergobag however you like!


Iron-on Bead Kletties

Now you can create Kletties of your very own with this iron-on bead Klettie set: With 1000 beads in 10 different colors, the sky’s the limit! Includes a template and three Klettie surfaces.


DIY Klettie Set

These five blank Kletties are large enough for your very own hand-drawn designs. And your ergobag isn’t the only thing you can put them on: The set features three sticky Klettie backs and two that can be ironed onto clothes, so you can wear them whenever, wherever and however you want.

composing zubehör klettie-sets

Klettie Sets

Fire engines, princesses or dinosaurs? Discover more than 30 themes. Just change the look of your backpack instead of buying a new one.


Special Kletties

No matter if they are blinking, glowing in the dark or sparkling during the day – the ergobag Special Kletties are very unique pieces and turn every ergobag into a real highlight.


Contour Kletties

Now also available separately: The ergobag contour Kletties come in 12 different designs. For an extra individual collection and more fun when swapping with your friends.


Kletties Album

The A5 scrapbook has plenty of space for collecting your favorite Kletties. With the small hanging eyelets, the album can even be hung up on the wall as a poster.

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The environment is of great importance to all of us. That is why our products are made of 100% PET recycled fabrics.

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