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Ergonomic schoolbackpacks

Why does it matter?

As the inventor of the ergonomic school backpack, our first priority is your child‘s health. Adjustable, weight-shifting designs have long been common practice for hiking backpacks to carry a disproportional weight for long hours without straining the back.

With ergobag, we introduced the ergonomic practice to schoolbag design. So kids can walk, jump and play, although they carry a heavy backpack.

Award-winning «Your-Size-System»

Our school bags are not only ergonomical but the usability of our school companions have been tested as well and found to be good by renowned experts. The IGR is a nation-wide association and operates under the slogan "We strengthen your back."

Members are physiotherapists, physical education teachers, physicians and individuals and organizations that are interested in the topic of back health. The tests are based on the selected standards (DIN 33419 and EN ISO 15537) and guidelines for ergonomics and professional safety.

igr ergonomic product


Our outstanding «Your-Size-System»

Grows along Easy setting possible through size scale in the back panel.

Relief of the back The adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt provide an even distribution of weight to the child's stable pelvis.

High wearing comfort High-quality pading and breathable mesh in the back provide a comfortable fit.


How to adjust the ergobag

01 Just unfold the back panel, loosen the height adjustment & adjust according to the child’s height in the size scale.

02 Close the hip belt to benefit from the ergonomic effect of an even weight distribution!

03 The closed chest belt prevents the straps from slipping. Even when running & romping!

04 Pull the straps tight to ensure an even better fit.