ergobag prime

The single school backpack

Particularly ergonomic, as weight is carried close to the back

What's the difference between prime & prime set

Both models are ergonomic and have enough space for everything you need at school. The prime set backpack has 2 more velcro surfaces for Kletties and zippers for Zip-Sets. The prime set is therefore more customizable than the prime. In addition, the set contains a Pencil Case, a Folder Box and 4 Kletties in addition to the ergonomic backpack.

Is it important for the school backpack to be ergonomic?

Yes, this is very important. Books and other items often make primary school children's backpacks quite heavy. In order to optimally distribute the weight and prevent fatigue, an ergonomic school bag must not only have a padded back and shoulder straps, but also be well adapted to the child's back with chest and lumbar straps. This allows the weight to be transferred evenly to the stable pelvis.

How can I find a retailer in my region?

With our Storefinder you can search for retailers throughout españa.

How do I know which is the right model for my child?

Our retailers experts are always able to advise you on this, or you can consult our model comparison page.

What additional accessories are suitable for the model prime single?

We have a wide range of accessories and offer you everything you need for school in addition to the backpack: Pencil Case, Gym Bag prime, Folder Box, Kletties, Lunchbox, Bottle, Rain Cover, Hangies.