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Discover our special editions of 22/23

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The most sustainable school backpack of all time!

We have tried, tinkered and tested. The result is a feast for the eyes: Thanks to our ecologically sound ECO HERO edition, we are pioneers in the area of sustainability and the first to produce bluesign®️ certified school backpack. The ECO HERO edition combines straightforward design with our commitment to using even more environmentally friendly materials. That does not only look good, but is also good for the environment.

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All systems glow

Sparkling star formations or undiscovered planets: close enough to touch. Our Special Editions REFLEX GLOW, SUPER REFLEX and GALAXY GLOW reflect intergalactic lights and bring distant galaxies to the playground. The reflective prints make the school bags shine especially bright when they catch light in the dark.

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LUMI with fluorescent print

It’s time for the ergobag LUMI Edition to light up the journey to school with its fluorescent vines and neonpink shimmering waves. Brand-new: with lenticular contour Kletties.

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More radiance isn’t possible! Our NEO-Edition with completely fluorescent and reflecting materials ensure better visibility. Available as pack and cubo set.


Shiny Edition

The shimmering Shiny Edition lets children dive into magical underwater worlds and fabulous jungle adventures. With the two-tone shimmering fabric, these multi-faceted school backpacks will delight little mermaids and explorers.

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What is dear to us

The environment is of great importance to all of us. That is why our products are made of 100% PET recycled fabrics.

Was bedeuten "proof" und "plus"?

Unser sporti plus, sporti up plus und multi proof sind alle leicht gefüttert und im Material verstärkt worden. Und der multi proof ist auch noch wasserdicht! Da können die kühleren Tage kommen!

multi proof
Das ist neu

wasserdichte Membran
leicht gefüttert verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

multi proof entdecken
sporti-up plus
Das ist neu

leicht gefüttert
verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

sporti-up plus entdecken
sporti plus
Das ist neu

leicht gefüttert
verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

sporti plus entdecken