Your individual ergobag

Make it your very own

A wide range of accessories for your individual schoolbag

Every child is unique, has its own imagination, own taste and own wishes. We at ergobag give your children the freedom to express themselves individually and experience the colorful world of ergobag.

Mix & Match - Your individual ergobag

Our simple, timeless and beautiful basic designs can be used to create your individual schoolbag with countless possibilities for customization. Choose your favorites from our great collection of Kletties, Hangies, Zippies and Zip-Sets and make it your very own ergobag.


Use the hook-and-loop patches on the backpacks for our interchangeable Kletties. Available in 50 different designs – to collect and trade!


Clip a Hangie on to the ergobag! What do you prefer? A cute plush whaleor maybe a green monster?


Give your ergobag a completely new look with different themed Zippies! Suitable for prime set, pack, cubo & cubo light.

ergobag zubehoer junge-und-maedchen-mit-zubehoer teaser
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