Nature Explorer

Look out for orangutans in the rainforest or observe sea turtles under water - with the ergobag Nature Explorer Special Edition, kids and their parents are on the trail of endangered species.



Immerse yourself in the world of the tropics and discover fascinating animals. Well, where is that chirping coming from? And what's that rustling in the bushes? Can you hear the loud trampling?


Bubbe BlueBear

Dive into the exciting underwater world and get to know the colourful variety of animals and plants. Did you know that whales can sing? And that turtles can live to be over 100 years old?


Naturally sustainable

The Nature Explorer Special Edition fabrics are made from 35% bioPET, while the remaining 65% is made from recycled PET bottles. And: both the ExploreBear and the Bubble BlueBear are bluesign-certified. The maxim of bluesign® is not to use any harmful substances in production in the first place in order to prevent certain chemicals from being released back into the environment and harming people and nature.


Lets go on a journey of discovery

The world is full of knowledge and secrets that can fascinate and surprise us for a lifetime. We are convinced that these treasures of the earth connect us with the world and enable us to treat it with care. Our children are equipped with a superpower for this - curiosity! Let's go on a journey of discovery together.