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The new ergobag

Discover our new four-piece set with a new customizable ergobag prime! Thanks to zippers on the front and on the sides there are thousands of individualization options to make it your very own.

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More visibility with Zip-Sets

Discover our wide range of different Zip-Sets to customize your ergobag and make it even more visible. Choose from our classic Zip-Sets or side pockets with bright neon colors, optionally with reflector strips, LEDs or full reflection. Suitable for the new ergobag prime Set!

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So kids can be kids

10 years ago - Fascinated by the idea of developing a schoolbag inspired by trekking-backpacks, 4 friends developed the first ergonomic schoolbag in Cologne, Germany. With ergobag putting the protection of a kid’s health and our environment first.

Setting new standards ever since – We want to inspire parents and their kids to discover new things, grow together and experience a colorful childhood.


Our ergonomic design relieves the child’s back and promotes an upright posture. We combine the ergonomic system with the functions a schoolbag has to offer.


Tastes change, but so can the ergobag with you! With interchangeable Kletties and color surfaces, it is easy to switch between favorite patterns and colors without the need for a new backpack.

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Inspired by mountain sports, developed for children.

With ergobag the ergonomic practice made its way into schoolbag design. So kids can walk, jump and play, although they carry a full and heavy backpack.

• Anatomically-shaped shoulder straps for better wearing comfort

• 80 % weight shift - from the shoulders to the more stable pelvic area

• Your-Size-System: Sizes between 1m - 1.50m can be easily adjusted

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Completely Individual - Completely Yourself!

The ergobag simply adapts to the child's mood and taste! Thanks to the velcro surfaces, favorite motives can be easily changed, while the timeless design remains an eye-catcher.

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Everything You Need!

Water bottle, umbrella, or sports bag - our sophisticated accessories extend or complement the primary school supplies and accompany the kids in their leisure time and during sports!

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