Four great reasons to love the ergobag Side Pocket Set

ergobag’s Side Pocket Sets are available in four striking colors and have so much to offer: even more storage space, for one!

Even more storage space

The ergobag cubo schoolbag has a 19-liter capacity and the ergobag pack school backpack, a capacity of 20 liters – both models therefore offer plenty of room for those everyday school essentials.  The zip-on Side Pocket Set, however, makes the ergobag even more spacious. Whether you’re reaching for a banana for breaktime, a (wet!) umbrella, or a crunchy apple, the Side Pocket Set allows you to get to them quickly and easily.

Easy to see? Absolutely!

All ergobag schoolbags are covered with plenty of reflectors, making them easy to see, even in the dark. Our Side Pocket Sets are made from fluorescent material for even greater visibility by day. They’re available for the ergobag pack and the ergobag cubo and come in four striking colors.

ergobag – so unique

Our swappable Kletties mean you can change the ergobag’s appearance to suit your mood – and you can even design your own! The Side Pocket Sets offer plenty options for customization too: just add a highlight in your favorite color from orange, yellow, green, or pink to make your ergobag really stand out.

Thoughtful design through and through

The Side Pocket Sets feature a drawstring cord with stopper so that longer objects are held firmly in place and that each pocket can be adjusted to fit. We’ve also thought of an integrated drainage mechanism for liquid: even if caught in a heavy rain shower, no water will collect inside.


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