Why the ergobag is visible at all times of day

Our Safety Sets are fluorescent and our backpacks have all-round retroreflective surfaces for optimum visibility – what does this actually mean?

Fluorescent – better daytime visibility

Every one of you is bound to have noticed that some colors are more difficult to see than others, even when the sun is shining. Especially dark colors like black and gray seem to positively swallow the light! Fluorescent material guarantees a greater degree of visibility, even in daylight, because as soon as light falls onto the fluorescent color, it is luminous. This is due to the special pigments which make the normally invisible UV light visible to the human eye. That is why they are also often called "day-glow colors". If you want your children to have extra visibility during the day, you have the option of fitting Safety Sets at three places on the ergobag, and there is a choice of four bright colors – orange, yellow, green and pink – for even more colorful individuality on the way to school!

Retroreflective – glow-in-the-dark safety

All backpacks made by FOND OF BAGS come with retroreflectors. A retroreflector is a surface or material which reflects incident light back to its source (hence the prefix "retro"). This greatly enhances visibility at twilight or in the dark, e.g. in road traffic. The light from the automobile headlamps illuminates the retroreflective surface on the school backpack and this point on the bag "lights" up. We also insist on high-quality reflective material for the reflectors with thousands of tiny glass beads which are extremely effective at reflecting incident light, thereby guaranteeing maximum visibility in road traffic. Not only have we fitted the reflectors on the sides of the backpack but all around, guaranteeing 360° visibility for your children at all times – whether they are lit up from the front, the side or the back. The material is also resistant to scratching and abrasion, remaining fit for purpose for its entire service life. For a nice safe feeling all around… Visibility ready… steady… go!

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