Set or Single Bag

The ergobag cubo is available as a 5-parted set or as a single backpack.



...and perfectly formed too! The ergobag cubo turns the traditional landscape schoolbag 90 degrees, giving kids even more freedom to move their arms. The padded hip belt wraps around the hips and will fit smaller children snugly too. The schoolbag grows along from 1 m to 1.50 m.



The ergobag's interior organization offers a lot of space and possibilities keep everything in order. The book compartment has two major advantages as it secures the school books and also brings the heavy weight close to the back. The bag is equipped with an extra compartment in the top for the Rain Cover and a pocket for small items. praktische-Features-cubo

Practical Features

The new magnetic buckle can be opened in a cinch using one finger. The roomy front pocket offers space for a drinking bottle and a lunch box.


Gym Bag

The included gym bag can be attached to the ergobag cubo and supports an ergonomic carrying method.


Reflects all around

Visible? For sure! All school backpacks are equipped with reflective material to ensure visibility in the dark.


Optional Fluorescence

Our ergobag Safety Sets can be zipped on the ergobag pack for additional visibility on the way to school.

How can you convince your child to close the hip belt? What makes the ergobag a special companion and is it washable? You can find a all kinds of tips and amazing and amusing information in our blog.