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Noi amiamo le borse. Nel 2010 i quattro amici Sven, Florian, Oliver e Juliaan hanno iniziato quest´impresa con gli zaini ergonomici per la scuola elementare. Oggi il nostro team FOND OF BAGS é costituito da una centinaia di teste ingegnose e produce non solo zaini per i bambini che vanno dalla scuola materna fino alla scuola media, ma anche molte altre borse che si aggiungono continuamente al nostro assortimento.

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Un´idea vincente

Grazie al nostro concetto, design e l'idea di unire i principi dell'ergonomia, personalizzazione e sostenibilità per gli zaini da scuola, siamo stati premiati con il Marken Award 2015 e il red dot design award 2011 e 2013, e proclamati vincitori della competizione "365 posti nel paese delle Idee" e della competizione business plan enable2start. Nel 2012 siamo stati premiati come migliore Start-Up tedesca. ergobag é partner del sistema bluesign®, membro del FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION e dal 2017 é stato riconosciuto come prodotto ergonomico da parte dell'associazione IGR e.V.


ergobag – The alternative to a traditional School Bag

The cologne producer of innovative school backpacks combines the ergonomic principles of innovative trekking backpacks with everything required for a school bag. The backpacks distribute the weight from the shoulders to the stable pelvic area and therefore are easy to carry. Thanks to the adjustable Carry System the backpacks grow along with the children. But this is not the only thing that differenciates the school backpacks from a normal school bag: our products are made of 100% PET reclyced fabrics to save the resources of our earth. Thanks to the Kletties the backpacks for kindergarten and primary school can be customized individually. In our view, education, health and a sustainable way of dealing with resources are the cornerstones for a happy future. Our daily activities are centered around the goal of taking the strain off the backs of small, medium and large people alike - so that they can face every day with courage and a smile and make the most of their own unique potential. In our school backpacks we combine ergonomic principles with customizability and, at the same time, have created a product that is friendly to the environment. This idea, our concept and the design have been widely recognized, among other with the red dot design award 2011 and 2013, as a prizewinner in the competition "365 landmarks in the land of ideas" and in the business plan competition enable2start. In 2012, we also made it to the final of the German Start-up Prize. ergobag was founded in February 2010 by four friends and is based in Cologne, Germany. And this is where we lovingly design and develop all of our products. The backpacks ergolino and ergolino+ are suitable for kindergarten, the ergobag pack and ergobag prime are suitable for primary and the satch and satch+ are suitable for secondary school. You can find our backpacks in more than 1500 shops and more than 20 countries worldwide.