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Our first bluesign® product

The proof that it can be even more sustainable!

The ease blue edition is out!

We have reached another important milestone in our mission to become the most sustainable primary school brand: ergobag is the first school brand to meet the strict ecological requirements of bluesign® and to launch certified bluesign® products: The ease blue edition!

And we are proud of it! Because we believe in a child-friendly and livable world in which kids can be kids!

We challenge ourselves again and again!

From the very beginning, since the foundation of ergobag 10 years ago, we have been telling people not only in theory about how serious and important the topic of sustainability is to us. Instead, we give everything when it comes to setting new standards with innovations and improvements in order to meet the greatest challenges of our time - namely climate change, water shortage as well as pollution, and poor working conditions.

What makes a bluesign® product so special?

Quite simply, bluesign® is incredibly strict in monitoring production! Also with us - and that's a good thing. Only those who are uncompromising and take a very critical look at the clean production of individual parts (e.g. fabrics and buckles) can guarantee flawless end products.

bluesign® pays special attention to the environmentally friendly use of chemicals in production (especially in dyeing) and at the same time insists on the minimum use of resources such as energy and water.

To become a bluesign® product, at least 90% of the fabrics and 20% of the product’s components must be bluesign® approved. We fulfil both requirements with our new ease blue in two designs.

Our production processes and end products therefore have minimal impact on people and the environment.


"No garbage in, no garbage out"

bluesign® works according to the maxim that no "garbage" should be processed during production so that no "garbage" can be released into the environment. Instead of just checking the finished product for purity, bluesign® focuses on the entire production process and its use of materials and chemicals. Only this guarantees a truly environmentally friendly production.

PFC free coatings

In the best case, rainy weather does not stop the kids from romping around outside. That's why bags for children must ward humidity and moisture and of course must not be allowed to soak through. How does that work?

Often, per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC) are used for impregnation. These cannot be decomposed by nature and have harmful effects on human and animal health.

For our ease blue edition we have succeeded in switching to PFC-free rain protection - without any loss of quality!

Saving resources

bluesign® follows the strict approach of environmentally friendly production with the responsible use of resources.

For us, this also includes the resource-saving use of materials made of 100% recycled PET bottles. After all, what is better than recycling and reusing material that would otherwise end up in the trash can? That's why we have been using fabrics made from recycled PET bottles since our launch – applying to all our backpacks! We call this principle "from bottle to bag".

The facts speak for themselves: Compared to polyester fabrics made from crude oil we have even been able to reduce the amount of waste water by 20%, energy consumption by 50% and CO2 emissions by 60%!


ease Galopp

May we introduce... The first one of the ease blue edition is the ease gallop. With fresh colors it is the dream come true for little horse and pony lovers. The ease small offers enough storage space for snacks as well as bits and pieces that children need on their discovery tour. The ease large is suitable for larger trips or overnight stays with friends or grandma and grandpa. Giddap!


ease striker

The ease striker completes the bluesign® product duo, with which we will be competing. Just in time for the EM 2020, the ease striker with its cool football Klettie is the best buddy on the way to the soccer field. This ease striker is also available in the sizes small and large. Kick it!

We are far from stopping!

We have been a bluesign® system partner since 2013 and now we have succeeded in developing a bluesign® product. A milestone we are very proud of! But we are not stopping here to create a world that is as child-friendly as possible. Our sustainability approach also includes, for example, fair and social interaction with our suppliers and producers in Asia. We also want to produce as climate-neutral as possible and even the idea behind our timeless designs reflects sustainability.