Guaranteed attention


Visible? For sure! All school bags are equipped with reflective material. Like this the ergobag-owners are visible in the dark. The optional three-piece safety set with fluorescent zips (for ergobag pack and cubo) offers additional safety in road traffic.


Surround Reflection

Thousands of small glass balls that bundle the incoming light and return it to the light source: This is how our reflective material works. The reflectors are attached all around the School backpack. They frame the backpack so that its contour is clearly recognizable in the dark.


High Quality Reflective Material

An eye for material: Besides high quality and durability, the used retroreflective material ensures high visibility. The school backpacks already reflect at a ligth beam of an angle of 5 degrees.


Optional Fluorescence

Our bright 3-piece colored patches that can be zipped on the backpack, provide even more visibility in traffic. To make sure the Kletties do not disappear underneath it, there are extra velcro surfaces for the Kletties on each piece of the set.