The ergobag prime school backpack combines the ergonomic design of innovative trekking rucksacks with everything required of a school bag in the elementary years. The padded hip belt shifts the weight from the shoulders to the stronger pelvic area.


Interior Organization

The interior of the ergobag prime school backpack offers a lot of space. The book compartment is practical in two ways: it secures the school books and helps to bring the weight close to the back of the child in order to reduce the leverage effect.


Front Pocket & Buckle

The roomy front pocket offers space for drinking bottle and lunchbox. The magnetic buckle can be opened in a cinch.


Gym Bag

Practical: The gym bag can be clamped on the ergobag. This way the weight is close to the back and children do have their hands free.



Visible? For sure! All school backpacks are equipped with reflective material with a high coefficient of retroreflection to ensure visibility in the dark. The Safety Sets can be zipped on the ergobag pack for additional visibility.



The bottom equipped with four little feet keeps the content dry - even during rainy weather.