Fully Equipped

Keep it tidy! The well-equipped (22-piece) ergobag hard pencil case contains 17 pencils, all neatly lined up, and enough space for eraser, ruler, sharpener and timetable as well. The pencil case is made of textiles produced entirely from recycled PET bottles and is available in patterns matching all the ergobag designs. Wipe-clean finish.


Lyra Pencils

The pencil case includes 10 thin and 6 thick ergonomic triangular colored pencils and a thick pencil from the Osiris range made by LYRA Germany. Not only does this allow us to cut down on CO2, but there also is less risk of lead breakage.


Small pocket

Handy: The small pocket with velcor closure offers space for some lunch and milk money.


Time Table

There is an extra spot for the time table. Like this you won't miss your next lesson.