Our product quality

ergobag is synonymous with top quality and sustainability.

We ensure this by monitoring the entire supply chain and being in direct contact with our material suppliers. This enables us to determine the quality of the materials and to have them certified by independent testing institutes. The suppliers of our fabrics and some buckles are even bluesign(R) system partners, which means that not only the raw materials used are "clean", but their production also meets the highest environmental standards. Also all ergobag materials are free from toxic plasticizers (phthalates) or PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).

  • cyclePET ergobag fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles. This greatly reduces the burden on the environment from the manufacturing process. Compared to traditional production methods, waste water is reduced by 20%, energy use by 50%, and harmful emissions by 60%.
  • Pencils made of FSC-certified wood The ergobag pencil cases are filled with STABILO GREENcolor pencils. These pencils have been specially developed using only 100% FSC-certified wood. FSC is about strict controls on ecological stewardship and sustainable forest management.
  • ISYbe® – the drink bottle Clean – safe – sustainable. ISYbe® (produced by FreeWater s.r.o) is made of high-grade plastic. As a result, the container is guaranteed by testing institutes not to contain plasticizers, BPA or other questionable additives. ISYbe® contains only high-grade, food-safe colors that are continually tested to make sure they are harmless. Germany does not require the use of food-safe colors for the lettering on bottles but ISYbe® uses them anyway, because it is known that certain color pigments can migrate into the drink through the bottle. This degree of responsible thinking increases safety and protects the environment. To the best of our knowledge, the clean drink container is the only one on the market tested by the State Testing Authority.
  • High-quality reflective materials ergobag uses only high-quality reflective material. Thousands of tiny glass beads on the material are extremely effective at reflecting light which makes your children more visible in road traffic.