Playing by the book Our Code of Conduct sets out the rules by which we work with our manufacturers. One such rule is that all the staff working for our business partners are legally employed. We make regular site visits to satisfy ourselves that these rules are being upheld. We go to Vietnam every six weeks to check out the situation. Relations which started on a purely business footing have grown into friendships, and we are always glad to welcome visitors from Asia to Cologne. Our manufacturers experience typical workdays in our company and see our philosophy in action, and they know that – despite the distance – they really are part of our outfit. Terms of endearment like "brother" and "son" reflect the family atmosphere.

Certification and health & safety

Our fabric suppliers are certified as conforming to bluesign standards. This means that our textiles are dyed without toxic additives and so they are "clean" from the outset. Therefore the staff employed by our fabric suppliers do not come into contact with harmful substances – sparing both skin and respiratory tract from attack. We work hard to make sure that all our suppliers are certified as meeting bluesign standards. It is a routine requirement as far as we are concerned that our business partners offer a pleasant working environment for their staff in their production facilities. We made a conscious decision to use Vietnam as a production location and hand-picked our manufacturers there. We chose them because their working conditions not only meet but surpass the statutory standards, with policies on working hours, regular breaks, company soccer pitch and staff canteen forming part of the routine working day and facilities at our producers. Honest communication is extremely important to us at all levels, and we treat each other with respect as a basic principle in our dealings with each other. We want to grow hand-in-hand with our business partners – and not a single individual should lose face in the process.