Ergonomics at school

Ergonomics and school life The subject of ergonomics is particularly important in the context of school. This is where children lay the foundation for their future and spend a lot of time in the classroom, so they need the best possible conditions in this place of development for body and mind. Schoolchildren spend 10 hours a day sitting down on average. This is not just in the classroom but also at home, when doing their homework, for example. In many cases, however, schools do not have the financial resources left over in their budgets to equip classrooms ergonomically and to take measures in support of the health of the elementary schoolers in the routine school day. However, teachers have the opportunity to introduce movement and variety into the marathon sitting session for their charges by other means. They could keep alternating between sitting and standing, get them to do stretching exercises or a quick once around the classroom. Little gymnastic exercises can also easily be built into the day between lessons. Not only do they boost health but they also increase concentration and attention span. They are also great fun when they are done together in a group. Sports and activities work real miracles and greatly enhance quality of life. An active lifestyle and healthy eating are extremely important for children. They are still developing and are often unable to foresee the consequences until very much later.