The strap system on the ergobag mini is good at training the correct back posture in preparation for carrying the school backpack in later life. The little chest strap keeps it comfortably close to the back – even when jumping, skipping around or doing cartwheels.


Everybody on board

Lunchbox, drinking bottle and the favorite soft toy: With a volume of 7 l and the A4-format the ergobag mini offers enough space for everything the little ones would like to take to kindergarten or preschool. Two Kletties allow the kids to customize the ergobag mini individually.


Outer Pockets

Its two closable outside pockets make the ergobag mini the perfect choice for children aged 3 to 6 who want a safe place to store all their old favorites and any new discoveries made while out and about.


All around reflection

Visible? For sure! The ergobag school backpack’s little brother is also covered with plenty of reflectors so that little backpack fans are easy to see, even in the dark.