A whole Set

The six parted ergobag pack set includes a school backpack, a gym backpack, a folder box, a hard pencil case, a pencil case and Kletties.



The ergobag pack combines the ergonomic principles of innovative trekking backpacks with everything required of a school backpack in the elementary years. Thanks to the broad hip belt the weight is shifted from the shoulders to the stronger pelvic area. The star backpack can be adapted to ensure the perfect fit and will grow with their owners: From 1 m to 1,50 m.



The interior of the ergobag school backpack offers a whole lot of space. The book compartment is practical in two ways: it secures the school books and helps to bring the weight close to the back of the child in order to reduce the leverage effect. With a pocket for the rain cover in the top and a small pocket for little items in the interior.


Practical Features

The roomy front pocket offers space for a drinking bottle and lunchbox. The magnetic buckle can be opened in a cinch.


Gym Backpack

Practical: The gym backpack can be clamped on the ergobag. This way the weight is close to the back and equally distributed and children do have their hands free.


Reflects all around

Visible? For sure! All school backpacks are equipped with reflective material to ensure visibility in the dark.


Optional Fluorescence

Our ergobag Safety Sets can be zipped on the ergobag pack for additional visibility on the way to school.


Stable Bottom

Our backpacks have a special base. That's for sure: Thanks to the stable bottom molde made of one piece, the ergobag will survive all adventures and tests of courage.

How can you convince your child to close the hip belt? What makes the ergobag a special companion and is it washable? You can find a all kinds of tips and amazing and amusing information in our blog.