Why the ergobag will be a star in your child's eyes!

The ergobag has four WOW factors which make it the best companion for your children – and guarantee that it will remain so throughout their time at primary school!


The preferences of growing children change quickly – the nippy little red automobile may have been their favorite design yesterday but today it is seen as boring or "babyish". So it is good that the designs can be stuck on the ergobag backpack with Velcro and can be changed at any time. So the ergobag is guaranteed to be to their liking throughout their time at primary school. Best of all, you can choose from over 20 Klettie Sets or simply Create Your Own Kletties with your favorite design. Whether your children would like to stick a Klettie on the ergobag with their pet, a picture they have painted, or your family photos from the last vacation – there is no limit to their imagination.


It is particularly important to parents that their kids are visible on their way to school. Our zip-on Safety Sets and zip-on Side Pockets come in four bright colors so there is something to cater for every taste. Our backpacks also come with a reflective material which brings all-round visibility, even during the darker times of year. Try shining a torch on the ergobag in a darkened room and see it light up!


Your child grows particularly quickly during the primary school years. The ergobag adapts to their development because it "grows" with the kids from a height of about 1.10 m to 1.50 m. Doing cartwheels, playing tag, or racing classmates in the playground? No problem for the ergobag school backpack! It will stay firmly on the back, held in place by the chest strap and hip belt, and will not slip or slide back and forth. Just try it!


Children are little environmentalists by nature. ergobag uses textiles made entirely of recycled PET bottles to make its backpacks. So your little ergobag backpack carrier will have given a new job to about 30 0.5 liter PET bottles. That's a great feeling, isn't it? Backpack ready... steady... go!


The ergobag pack, cubo and prime are available in many different colors and styles, so everyone will find his or her favorite backpack!


Customization is the key to long-term happiness

Our Kletties make each ergobag unique – customize the backpack and guarantee your child will be the star of the playground on the first day of school.
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Why the ergobag is visible at all times of day

Our Safety Sets are fluorescent and our backpacks have all-round retroreflective surfaces for optimum visibility – what does this actually mean?
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Excellent! Why the name ‘ergobag’ says it all

Yeaaah, now we also have it on paper! ergobag does what it promises: IGR e.V has confirmed the seal of approval that Ergobag is an - "Ergonomic product"!
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Was bedeuten "proof" und "plus"?

Unser sporti plus, sporti up plus und multi proof sind alle leicht gefüttert und im Material verstärkt worden. Und der multi proof ist auch noch wasserdicht! Da können die kühleren Tage kommen!

multi proof
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wasserdichte Membran
leicht gefüttert verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

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sporti-up plus
Das ist neu

leicht gefüttert
verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

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sporti plus
Das ist neu

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verbessertes robusteres Außenmaterial

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