Your perfect school companion in any weather

Regardless of what the day brings in terms of weather, our school backpacks won't leave you standing in the rain. Water-resistant fabrics keep the rain out.

The materials our backpacks are made of

Our colorful ergobags are the perfect companion for the way to school – and back. To ensure you enjoy your backpack as much in the rain and wind as in the sun, all our materials not only repel dirt, they're also water-resistant up to 1500 mm (about 2 psi)! What does that mean? It’s simple: International standards define the criteria for determining the water resistance of a fabric, i.e., how quickly water will penetrate the material. To understand what that means, we can look at the way water resistance is tested: schulbegleiter-wetter-wasser-saeule-1
A cylinder with a diameter of 10 cubic centimeters and open on both ends is placed against the exterior of the fabric. The cylinder is then filled with water until the first drops start to become visible on the underside of the fabric, meaning that it has penetrated the material. schulbegleiter-wetter-wasser-saeule-2
Next, the amount of water in the cylinder (in millimeters) is read to determine the height of the water column at which the water began to penetrate the fabric. It's as simple as that :-) In Germany, the rule of thumb is that a fabric is considered waterproof at a water column of 1500 mm or higher.

When it's raining cats and dogs

If it suddenly starts pouring and your kids are still a long way from home or school, to prevent water from getting through the zipper or seams, we recommend using our rain cape, which is very easy to pull over the backpack. The rain cape can be attached to the ergobag via the clip inside the top pocket and then re-stowed inside the pocket once the rain stops. This prevents the cape from getting lost and keeps it easily accessible for sudden rain.

What else?

All ergobag sets from our current collection are equipped with a watertight base well made from a single piece of material. This way, if the bag is accidentally set down in a puddle, no water will seep inside and the contents will be kept safe and dry. The four little feet on the base of the ergobag also prevent the full surface of the bag from touching the ground. This keeps it from getting dirty too fast. And if the material does become soiled, no problem: simply wipe it off with a moist cloth once you get home, and in no time it'll be: School Bag ready... steady... go!

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