Hannes at 17. July 2018 in Sustainability

What does the ergobag school bag do in the school vacation?

What else can the ergobag school bag do apart from accompanying the kids to school? It has its uses in the vacation too and makes a perfect vacation bag!
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Daniel at 08. May 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Why ergobag is the perfect companion at all times of year

Whether it is raining, the sun is shining or even if it has snowed – the ergobag accompanies our kids through every season!
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Inga at 10. April 2018 in Customizability

Typical boy? Typical ergobag!

Typical boy, typical girl? Not here – six of our ten ergobag designs are true quick-change artists and appeal to both genders!
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Anne-Cathrin at 03. April 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Anything but ordinary: the ergobag fasteners

The ergobag school backpack is well designed – and that goes for the fasteners too! And so easy to open a child can do it? They sure are...
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Annika at 12. March 2018 in Customizability

Was machen ergobag Schultaschen auf der Leipziger Buchmesse?

Dass aus gespannten Zuhörern irgendwann Schulkinder werden, die mit Begeisterung lesen lernen: dafür setzen wir uns ein und sind auf der Buchmesse dabei!
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school boy girl
Julia at 27. June 2017 in Impetus

How to make the adventure of starting school a piece of cake!

The first day at school confronts kids with completely new challenges. We grown-ups can help our children to embrace the adventure of starting school with ease.
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Julia at 23. February 2017 in Impetus

Farewell frustration! How to make learning fun

Ability and intelligence quotient are just two factors which influence academic achievement among children.
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Julia at 11. January 2016 in ergobag loves numbers

Math is not for girls - you've got to be kidding!

While girls are more often credited with skills in music and languages, boys are increasingly assumed to have a gifting for math, science and sport. Evidence of prejudice?
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Annika at 31. December 2014 in Impetus

Four ideas for "outdoor adventures"

Whether a game of frisbee, a fun relay race or a game of "Sonnenland" – playing games makes outdoor exercise twice as much fun for your kids!
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