waschbar ergobag

Is the ergobag actually washable?

The materials in our school bags repel dirt – but what happens if you “forgot” about your banana from several days ago, that you left inside the bag? Can you wash the ergobag?

Even when you're careful, things can happen: you'll notice dirty splatters on your bag after wet weather, or you'll find that banana you've been missing for days smooshed at the bottom of the bag. The question then is: how can I clean it? Who better to ask than our very own product developer, Immi? So we did just that:

Dear Immi, are our ergobag backpacks actually washable?

Generally speaking, yes! However, I would advise against washing the bag in the washing machine because our materials are waterproof up to at least 1500 mm (about 2 psi) and are therefore highly water-repellent. The water won't penetrate the fibers but will simply roll off. However, you can still clean the bag worry-free using warm water around 100°F (40°C). Take the term “handwash” literally and clean the dirty areas of your backpack in a deep sink, bathtub or under the shower with a sponge and mild detergent.

What should you never use to clean the backpack material?

You'll want to keep the material away from solvents contained in certain cleaning solutions or spot removers. Cleaning solutions that contain chlorine should also not be used, as they will immediately dissolve the water-based polyurethane coating that keeps our products waterproof, or, in the worst case scenario, form a sticky film that will make the treated spots on the bag even more prone to dirt. Alcohol, as found in nail polish remover (acetone) for example, is another no-no, as it can break down the material.

What's the best product to use to clean our backpacks?

I would recommend natural stain removers like gall soap, dish detergent or a neutral soap. Use an old toothbrush or nail brush to scrub out dirt. They are gentle on the material but are still quite effective on stains. If your backpack is extra dirty, you may want to let it soak overnight, such as in the bathtub. This will make it easier to get the stubborn stains out later.

And then just hang it up to dry?

Exactly! If there's room over the bathtub, then perfect. Otherwise, just hang it anywhere where there's enough space. Just be sure to lay a towel down on the floor to catch any dripping water. It'll be ready for use again before you know it. School Bag ready... steady... go!

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