Why ergobag is the perfect companion at all times of year

Whether it is raining, the sun is shining or even if it has snowed – the ergobag accompanies our kids through every season!


Spring is the perfect time of year for a few new Kletties. You could make one in a flower design, a sun with rays or a favorite cuddly toy – get our Create Your Own Kletties kit and let your imagination run riot. Perhaps you really like our Klettie designs too? With a choice of over 20 different Klettie Sets there is bound to be something for you.


It is often still really cool in the mornings in the early part of summer – but what do the children do with their jackets later on when the sun is shining so brightly on their way home? The ergobag has a loop on the front especially for this dilemma. The jacket goes in and the ergobag is closed, leaving the kids with both hands free to pick a bouquet of daisies from the wayside or to pick up the nicest stones for their collection at home! ergobag-jackendurchzug


When fall comes, there can be sudden downpours. So it is good that the ergobag material is very water-repellent. Additional protection is provided by the ergobag Rain Cover. It can simply be kept in the top pocket of the ergobag and easily popped over the ergobag when needed, and the integrated clip stops it from getting lost. Stopped raining? Then simply push the cover back into the top pocket. And if it gets a bit dark in the afternoon – no worries, because the reflective material all around means that the kids will be seen from a distance, either with or without the cover.


When it finally snows for the first time in winter, it is a magical moment for kids. So it's good that the gloves for the snowball fight fit in the ergobag secret compartments. The zip-on Safety Set provides additional visibility in the darker time of year. And the best thing is that there are four bright colors to choose from!

So whatever the time of year:

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