Anything but ordinary: the ergobag fasteners

The ergobag school backpack is well designed – and that goes for the fasteners too! And so easy to open a child can do it? They sure are...

The ergobag school backpack is well designed – and that goes for the fasteners too! And so easy to open a child can do it? They sure are...

An open-and-shut case – quite intuitive

What is one of the most exciting experiences before starting school? Looking for the right school bag! There is a wide choice. In Germany parents like to go to school bag parties – big sales events – with their children and seek advice from specialist retailers. When the ergobag is brought out – if not before – a wry smile will break out on the faces of all the "old" hands who are familiar with the ergobag, because when it comes to opening the flap on the ergobag, the kids are usually one step ahead of the adults! Mom tries to open the ergobag fastener by using the familiar technique of pressing on the buckle. Another attempt is made to open the buckle by squeezing from the side. But the ergobag really is so easy to open that a child can do it, right?

Fidlock – its appeal is simply magnetic

Your kids will love the magnetic fasteners! They can easily push the top and bottom clasps apart – and they also close as if by magic as the fasteners simply snap back together again. So opening and closing the ergobag is as easy as child's play. In fact, the first-graders don't even need to change their way of thinking because their intuition usually tells them to push the magnetic Fidlock buckles apart!

All's well that fastens well

The other fasteners on the ergobag are also user-friendly, whether the drawstring with the cord stopper or the zippers on the front pocket, inside the ergobag or on the optional add-on safety set! And one more special highlight: all the clasps are lime green so not only are they easy to open but also easy to see! So then: School bag ready… steady… go!

Philipp at 05. April 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Drawstring and cord stopper: close ties!

An added bonus that makes it easier for kids to carry heavy weight: the ergobag drawstring and the cord stopper compress the content automatically.
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Julia at 18. July 2018 in Ergonomic

The ergobag is packed full of clever ideas!

ergobag is the perfect school companion – not only does it safely hold notebooks, textbooks and other supplies, it offers a whole range of added functions.
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