Typical boy? Typical ergobag!

Typical boy, typical girl? Not here – six of our ten ergobag designs are true quick-change artists and appeal to both genders!

Boys love blue and girls love pink

It starts even before they're born – the baby's room is painted and decorated according to gender. Upon delivery, infant boys are given a blue bracelet imprinted with their name, while girls get a pink one. Are kids' color preferences really that predictable? Is this generalization even necessary? Even before they're taught, our kids tend to know exactly what they like – at least for the moment. And it doesn't always fit society's definition of “typical boy” or “typical girl” stuff. What if a little boy happens to like bunnies? In the past, mom might have patiently convinced him to choose a dinosaur pattern for his school bag instead. After all, most bags with cute animals on them are clearly designed for girls, in colors like purple, pink or turquoise. And most parents aren't brave enough to send their son to school with a product that is clearly meant for girls and set him up for possible bullying by the other kids. Another risk is that tastes will change and a particular school bag design will fall out of fashion. Fortunately, six of our ten ergobag set designs can be converted quite easily in just a few steps from boy to girl models and vice versa.

Converting school bag designs

Athletes, princesses and frightening creatures: they all have their place on ergobag backpacks for school. Although ergobag designs can generally be divided into boy and girl models, we've kept the materials of our bags purposely neutral. This way, kids only commit to a base color for their first few years of school and can use Kletties to customize the look of their bag any time. After all, those whose favorite animal is a horse today might prefer more dangerous creatures tomorrow.

Using these examples, we'll show you three ergobag quick-change scenarios:

  • The Tiny Bear mighty motif, with its darling zoo baby Kletties and the green Safety Set, becomes a sporty school bag in a snap. Equipped with soccer Kletties it's guaranteed to score points with any sports fan!
  • The KoalaBEAR design, adorned with graceful ballerinas along with pink safety gear instead of tractors, will appeal even to “girly girls.”
  • From BEARasaurus to the BEARds of Paradise motif – with bird Kletties and the gold-colored Safety Set the transformation is over in a flap.


The typical ergobag: a flexible solution and something for every taste.

Have you ever redesigned your ergobag? Then show us by sending us pictures of your design ideas! We'll show the best ones from among all entries submitted to with the subject line “Creativity” on our facebook page. Let your creativity fly free! School Bag ready... steady... go!

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