Perfectly organized with ergobag accessories

Design or function? ergobag combines both! That's why we offer a range of practical accessories that match your favourite ergobag design, to complement our well-designed school backpacks.

"On your back… set… go!" is a great send-off for your kids every morning. With the ergobag school backpack they will be ready to go. Your children carry a lot of things in their backpacks. Not only do they have exercise books, text books and pens but they also need a drinking bottle for recess and something to keep their tickets for the school bus organized. We have thought about this and have designed extra ergobag accessories to make the school day easier for your children.

Folder box – a tidy bag means a tidy mind

Say goodbye to ruined edges and battered corners on exercise books! Not only does the sturdy folder box keep exercise books in tip-top condition but it also keeps them neatly in order and easy to get too. It also makes it easier to keep the school backpack tidy.

Pencil case – no more chaos!

All your pens and pencils can be clearly arranged in the ergobag pencil case. The fold-out classic and constant companion in daily school life comes in many different designs to match every ergobag school backpack. The pencil case already contains 17 crayons, an eraser, ruler, sharpener and timetable. There is also a really practical small pocket in the pencil case to keep all those important little things safe.
It is produced with textiles made entirely from recycled PET bottles.

Duffel bag – a clever companion

The ergobag duffel bag offers ample space for all the sports equipment required for school or for sports clubs in the afternoons or at the weekends. It also has two side compartments for muddy shoes or wet swimwear. The clever part is that the shoulder strap can be altered in a few easy steps, converting the sports bag into a rucksack – leaving the hands free and distributing the weight evenly on both shoulders. Our sports bags are also produced with textiles made entirely from recycled PET bottles.

Neck pouch – all the essentials within easy reach

Where on earth should the pocket money be kept? Precious savings can stay safe in the practical neck pouch. The neck pouch is a loyal companion for leisure activities too. House keys or a bicycle lock key will also fit in the neck pouch where it won't get lost.

Drinking bottle – the practical thirst quencher

The ergobag drinks bottle by ISYbe® (produced by FreeWater s.r.o) is ultralight and yet still robust. Ideal for carbonated drinks, it can even hold hot beverages at temperatures of up to 80° C and is dishwasher-safe. The plastic remains free of odors at all times. No plasticizers or harmful substances are used in the production process.
A daily dose of half a liter of your favorite drink will fit in the bottle in the design of your ergobag!

Safety sets – can you see me? Yes we can!

Orange, pink or green – or maybe you'd prefer bright yellow? We have something to cater for every taste because the safety sets come in four fluorescent colors. They are simply zipped to the ergobag pack and cubo where they guarantee better visibility. Needless to say, all ergobag school backpacks also have reflective material incorporated into all the sides of the backpack.

Klettie sets – individuality and even more individuality!

You can customize any ergobag to suit your own style or interests with the Kletties. There are over 20 Klettie sets offering all sorts of design options, from sport and space right through to animals. You can also click here and simply create your very own Kletties online with the theme of your choice. Allow your imagination to run riot.

Rain cover – in any weather

Every ergobag school backpack is made of highly water-repellent material (capable of withstanding a column of water of up to 1500 ml). So a short walk through the rain will not spell disaster for text books and exercise books in the ergobag. For very heavy rain there is always the ergobag rain cover which can be kept in a separate compartment in the backpack and pulled over the ergobag when needed – child's play!

22. August 2019
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11. April 2019
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