Drawstring and cord stopper: close ties!

An added bonus that makes it easier for kids to carry heavy weight: the ergobag drawstring and the cord stopper compress the content automatically.

The drawstring – making the ergobag even easier to carry

In addition to its locking mechanism, the innovative ergobag drawstring has another handy feature: it runs criss-cross inside the bag. Thus, when you close the ergobag, the contents are automatically compressed and shifted closer toward the back. This compression effect reduces leverage on the back and improves walking posture. The cord stopper keeps the drawstring taut and the contents in place. The padded waist strap provides added comfort. It surrounds the hips and can be adjusted to fit even the smallest of frames. Much of the weight is transferred from the shoulders to the more stable pelvic area, thus lessening the burden on kids' backs.

Practice makes perfect

It's like learning to ride a bike: it requires a lot of explanation, demonstration and close attention at first – but with a little practice, your kids are soon pedaling on their own. The same is true when it comes to pulling the drawstring tight. Show your kids how easy it is: just press the cord stopper and push it down as close as possible toward the ergobag. Encourage your child to learn by saying, “Now show me how you do it!” The standing test also helps make closing the ergobag second-nature: when correctly closed, the ergobag will stand straight up by itself. The bottle test (loading the backpack with water bottles and then testing the weight with the drawstring loosened then tightened and the chest and waist straps open then closed) will also show your kids how much easier the compression effect makes walking to school. And to get the little ones used to using the drawstring early on, our ergolino and ergolino+ bags are equipped with these same helpful tools, including waist and chest straps.

The cord stopper makes opening and closing a cinch

Our ergobag drawstring features this very practical closing mechanism. It lets kids quickly close their ergobag backpack – and reopen it just as quickly whenever they need to grab something inside. In hiking and trekking, cord stoppers have long been used to securely and quickly close a variety of gear such as sleeping bag covers, backpacks or other bag types. Stopper technology is especially popular in the field of shoe design – anyone who's ever had to untie a knot in a wet shoelace can truly appreciate the ease of the cord stopper.

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