Julia at 18. July 2018 in Ergonomic

The ergobag is packed full of clever ideas!

ergobag is the perfect school companion – not only does it safely hold notebooks, textbooks and other supplies, it offers a whole range of added functions.
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Nady at 06. June 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Perfectly organized with ergobag accessories

Design or function? ergobag combines both! That's why we offer a range of practical accessories – matching your favorite ergobag design – to complement our well-designed school backpacks.
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Daniel at 08. May 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Why ergobag is the perfect companion at all times of year

Whether it is raining, the sun is shining or even if it has snowed – the ergobag accompanies our kids through every season!
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Philipp at 05. April 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Drawstring and cord stopper: close ties!

An added bonus that makes it easier for kids to carry heavy weight: the ergobag drawstring and the cord stopper compress the content automatically.
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Anne-Cathrin at 03. April 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Anything but ordinary: the ergobag fasteners

The ergobag school backpack is well designed – and that goes for the fasteners too! And so easy to open a child can do it? They sure are...
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waschbar ergobag
Immanuel at 27. March 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Is the ergobag actually washable?

The materials in our school bags repel dirt – but what happens if you “forget” your banana from several days ago inside the bag? Can you wash the ergobag?
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Julia at 06. March 2018 in Ergonomic

Why the ergobag will be a star in your child's eyes!

The ergobag has four WOW factors which make it the best companion for your children – and guarantee that it will remain so throughout their time at primary school!
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Gerrit at 12. December 2017 in Sustainability

The pure, purer, Pura drinking bottle: more than just a holder for your favorite drinks

The ergobag Pura stainless steel bottle has a 0.5-liter capacity and is perfect for holding a variety of thirst-quenching drinks and snacks, whether for school or for leisure.
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Anne-Cathrin at 11. December 2017 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Your perfect school companion in any weather

Regardless of what the day brings in terms of weather, our school backpacks won't leave you standing in the rain. Water-resistant fabrics keep the rain out.
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