Julia at 18. July 2018 in Ergonomic

The ergobag is packed full of clever ideas!

ergobag is the perfect school companion – not only does it safely hold notebooks, textbooks and other supplies, it offers a whole range of added functions.
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Gerrit at 22. May 2018 in Ergonomic

Excellent! Why in ergobag the name says it all

Yeaaah, now we also have it on paper! Our ergobag does what it promises: This confirms the seal of approval of IGR e.V - "Ergonomic product"!
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Inga at 23. April 2018 in Ergonomic

The ergobag pack gym backpack, a very special companion

The ergobag doesn't just carry textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies – the set also includes a very special ergobag gym backpack for gym class or after-school sports!
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Philipp at 05. April 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Drawstring and cord stopper: close ties!

An added bonus that makes it easier for kids to carry heavy weight: the ergobag drawstring and the cord stopper compress the content automatically.
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Annika at 13. August 2018 in Ergonomic

So packt Ihr Eure Schultasche richtig

Books, notebooks, gym clothes – after a while, things can start to get heavy! However, if you pack your bag right, it can take a lot of the stress off your back.
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Annika at 27. March 2018 in Ergonomic

Is there any one school bag that's right for every kid?

No two children are exactly alike – especially in size and stature, differences among elementary school kids can vary widely. Fortunately, ergobag is the right bag for any kid.
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Julia at 06. March 2018 in Ergonomic

Why the ergobag will be a star in your child's eyes!

The ergobag has four WOW factors which make it the best companion for your children – and guarantee that it will remain so throughout their time at primary school!
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hip belt
Julia at 21. January 2016 in Ergonomic

How to persuade your child in three minutes to fasten the chest strap and hip belt at all times

The chest strap and hip belt should be fastened at all times so that the weight of the backpack is optimally distributed. But how do you press this message home to the kids?
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