Julia at 22. May 2017 in ergobag loves numbers

Take a leap into the world of figures

Figures and quantities are very abstract terms for children. We show you how to give them a better understanding.
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Julia at 11. January 2016 in ergobag loves numbers

Math is not for girls - you've got to be kidding!

While girls are more often credited with skills in music and languages, boys are increasingly assumed to have a gifting for math, science and sport. Evidence of prejudice?
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ergobag figures
Julia at 09. September 2015 in ergobag loves numbers

ergobag in figures

What fascinating facts will come out if ergobag is expressed in figures? See for yourself!
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Julia at 24. August 2015 in ergobag loves numbers

The easy way for your children to learn to tell the time

There are things which adults take for granted which children still need to learn, such as telling the time.
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Daniel at 27. May 2015 in ergobag loves numbers

How your child learns the foreign language of mathematics

Sooner or later your kids will have to grapple with mathematics. Make it easier for them by helping them to form an understanding of numbers early on in life.
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Nady at 17. May 2015 in ergobag loves numbers

The world in numbers

Numbers are dull and boring? No way! We have gathered together some amazing numerical examples for you.
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