2 Trumps for a Better Visibility

Kids having an ergobag have a hit on their hands: There is no skimping on reflective material on the ergobag because it's so important that the kids are visible in the dark. The backpacks for primary school ensure additional visibilty thanks to the zip-on safety sets in 4 fluorescent colors, when the kids are out and about in traffic.

  Reflective material all the way round

High-quality reflective material is made from thousands of tiny glass beads which focus the incident light and reflect it back to its source. This helps to ensure that ergobag carriers can be seen earlier and more easily in road traffic. The material is resistant to scratching and abrasion and is very hard-wearing. The reflectors are fitted all the way round the backpacks and on the shoulder straps and waist flaps. With the star rucksacks from ergobag on their backs, preschoolers, primary school children and older children will be visible from all sides at all times when they are out and about on the roads.

  Optional zip-on Safety Set

The three-piece Safety Set provides even more visibility for primary school children at twilight. The fluorescent add-ons can be attached to the bag in three places. Zips are provided in the relevant places on both sides of the ergobag pack and cubo and the front pocket. And there is even a Velcro surface on each one so that the Kletties can go back on top. Now available in four bright neon colors for a new look – adding individuality and visibility on the way to school. Can you see me? Sure you can!

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