Your individual design


Individual, original, ergobag - taste changes and the ergobag with you! With interchangeable Kletties and color surfaces, it is easy to switch between favorite motives and colors, without the need for a new backpack.


Customized Design

Fire engines, princesses or dinosaurs? Our Kletties are exchangeable and there are more than 30 themes to discover. With our Klettie configurator you can design your personal Klettie. Discover now!


Customized Visibility

Visible? For sure! All school bags are equipped with reflective material. Like this the ergobag-owners are visible in the dark. The optional three-piece safety set with fluorescent zips (for ergobag pack and cubo) offers additional safety in road traffic which can sometimes be confusing.


Customized Ergonomics

Can ergonomic be individual? Yes, of course! The adjustable back ensures that our school bags fit to the individual body shape of their small owner. In this way the ergobag accompanies its small owners step by step and centimeters by centimeters.

Blog entries about customizability

Annika at 27. March 2018 in Ergonomic

Is there any one school bag that's right for every kid?

No two children are exactly alike – especially in size and stature, differences among elementary school kids can vary widely. Fortunately, ergobag is the right bag for any kid.
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Daniel at 08. May 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Why ergobag is the perfect companion at all times of year

Whether it is raining, the sun is shining or even if it has snowed – the ergobag accompanies our kids through every season!
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Inga at 10. April 2018 in Customizability

Typical boy? Typical ergobag!

Typical boy, typical girl? Not here – six of our ten ergobag designs are true quick-change artists and appeal to both genders!
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Julia at 06. March 2018 in Ergonomic

Why the ergobag will be a star in your child's eyes!

The ergobag has four WOW factors which make it the best companion for your children – and guarantee that it will remain so throughout their time at primary school!
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Julia at 10. April 2018 in Customizability

Customization is the key to long-term happiness

Our Kletties make each ergobag unique – customize the backpack and guarantee your child will be the star of the playground on the first day of school.
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Nady at 06. June 2018 in Products: Hints & Tricks

Perfectly organized with ergobag accessories

Design or function? ergobag combines both! That's why we offer a range of practical accessories – matching your favorite ergobag design – to complement our well-designed school backpacks.
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