We are part of it! - why ergobag is a member of the FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION

Is the minimum wage been paid, and is it sufficient to live on? The Fair Wear Foundation always takes a step further in their questioning - and that’s what we like!


The FAIRWEAR FOUNDATION (FWF) is a Dutch non-profit organization that aims to improve the working conditions in the sewing textile industry worldwide. As an independent body, it observes the production companies and as well their partner companies.

This is why we are a member

With our membership, we commit ourselves to implement the strict FWF Code of Conduct with our producers. What is so special about the FWF is that they not only look very closely at the producers, but they also conduct annual inspections at the partner companies. In this way we ensure, among other things, that the workers are paid living wages and that the right working hours are obeyed. Thanks to the FWF, we can thus fulfil our social responsibility more effectively. www.fairwear.org.

This is how FWF works

The FWF focuses particularly on the sewing industry, as most people are directly affected in this kind of business. Specifically, it looks like this: the FWF comes to us once a year to a so-called 'Brand Performance Check' and checks how we perform in our sewing companies. The FWF evaluates, for example, how we can pay living wages? How do we ensure that social conditions in the supply chain are good? How can we support our suppliers to avoid overtime? By taking care of these issues we are already going one step forward!

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