Is there any one school bag that's right for every kid?

No two children are exactly alike – especially in size and stature, differences among elementary school kids can vary widely. Fortunately, ergobag is the right bag for any kid.

School bags are rarely carried empty

Many ergobag employees still remember those early primary school days: that big satchel full of books hanging heavily from their backs, literally pulling them backwards, making it hard to move forward, let alone walk fast!
Those of us who went through premature growth spurts suffered from back problems that weren't always associated with growing too fast. Not to mention those of us who after third grade were no longer keen on the princess, car or dolphin designs that permanently adorned our bags.
That's how things used to be back when we were kids – fortunately, some things have changed for the better since then, especially when it comes to school bags!

The school backpack that's fit for every kid

The ergobag backpack is in many ways the perfect companion for your kids – thanks to its ergonomically designed aluminum bar, it adapts to kids' backs and “grows” along with them, from a height of about 3' 7" (110 cm) to about 5' (150 cm). Thus, it can accompany them throughout their elementary school years. Whether your kids are slight, average or a bit stockier, the chest strap is not only height-adjustable, it can also be lengthened width-wise by up to 8 cm to ensure a perfect fit. The same is true for the waist strap: adjustable from about 20 inches (55 cm) to 35 inches (90 cm), it transfers about 30 of the weight of the bag to the more stable pelvic area. The straps are comfortably padded, making the bag easy to carry regardless of size or stature. The ergobag adjusts to weather conditions any time of year and can be carried comfortably over a thick winter jacket or a simple t-shirt. In the summer, the breathable back padding also keeps kids' backs from breaking into sweat. The shoulder straps can also be adjusted at the top and bottom for a precise fit.

However you like it

ergobags come in unobtrusive designs that are ideal for customization with replaceable Klettie badges, letting you create the theme of your choice. Kids can either select from over 20 Kletties sets or design their own. There is no limit to creativity here. And with this much freedom, your kids are sure to love their ergobag no matter what grade they're in or how much their tastes change. So then:

School Bag ready... steady... go!

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