Excellent! Why in ergobag the name says it all

Yeaaah, now we also have it on paper! Our ergobag does what it promises: This confirms the seal of approval of IGR e.V - "Ergonomic product"!

We have eagerly awaited the result: Now the pool of physiotherapists specialising in back problems (IGR e.V.) confirmed the ergonomic design of our ergobag school bag. And we are super happy! 

Ergonomic and user-friendly

Our school bags are not only ergonomically. The usability of our school companion has been tested as well and found to be good by renowned experts. The IGR is a nation-wide association and operates under the slogan "We strengthen your back." Members are physiotherapists, physical education teachers, physicians and individuals and organizations that are interested in the topic back health. The tests are based on the selected standards (DIN 33419 and EN ISO 15537) and guidelines for ergonomics and professional safety.

School Bag ready… steady… go!

That our ergobag can be adapted to different body structures and can be adjusted to every individual child, is due to its continuously adjustable, ergonomic back system. The ergobag combines the ergonomic design of innovative trekking backpacks with everything that is needed for a school bag. It follows the principle of optimal weight distribution, like in professional mountain sports. In addition, it grows along - from 1 m to 1.50 m. And that is now simple confirmed by the IGR E.V with the award for outstanding handling: Adjusting the support system is very easy and proves that ergobag is the great daily school companion.

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