Stabilo pencils for elementary school: ergonomic and durable

Ergonomics and durability are near and dear to our hearts. The same is true for our partner, Stabilo. The ergobag set comes with a pencil case containing 16 Stabilo pencils.

Ergonomic design – from the start!

In the same way that ergonomic school bags provide essential back support for your kids, ergonomically designed pencils are ideal for those first writing exercises. The right pencil can help kids prepare for later handwriting lessons and make writing easier. It also promotes correct posture and prevents cramping or a tired hand. Even in the youngest of children, the use of an appropriate, ergonomically designed writing utensil can have a positive influence on later writing habits. Adapted to the skills and abilities of youngsters, it also promotes correct body posture. Key factors in choosing a writing utensil include weight, shape, length, size of the grip area and surface. The age of the child also plays an important role. Stabilo works closely with fine motor skill specialists to create writing utensils with optimum ergonomic design.


That's why we've put together our GREENtrio pencil case, available as part of the ergobag set or separately, complete with six ergonomically shaped colored pencils in basic colors – brown, blue, green, red, orange and yellow – from Stabilo. With their trademark triangle shape and thickness, these pencils are ideal for small hands. The regular pencil, with its graphite and clay tip, is from Stabilo as well. Like the GREENtrio colored pencils in the kit, the lead ends just before the end of the pencil (the part you can't write with anyway). This prevents wasting of valuable lead materials like graphite and dyes and keeps little pencil chewers' tongues pink!

Nice and durable

For older kids in second grade or higher, we've selected pencils from the Stabilo GREEN Series in ten colors – Stabilo GREENcolors. All colored pencils included in our pencil case are specially designed and made of only 100% FSC®-certified wood. FSC® stands for strictly controlled, ecologically sound and sustainable forestry. As an international non-profit organization, it works to ensure that our forests are used sustainably and that valuable old-growth forests are protected – as well as the indigenous peoples that live in them.

Want to learn more about Stabilo, our parter in ergonomic, durable design? Then head over to the Stabilo website and have a look!


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