Customization is the key to long-term happiness

Our Kletties make each ergobag unique – customize the backpack and guarantee your child will be the star of the playground on the first day of school.

Tastes change...

...and ergobag changes along with them! Yesterday, the flashy red sportscar was your kid's favorite design; today he's into “dangerous” creatures. Fortunately, ergobag themes are attached with Velcro, so you can switch them out any time and customize the ergobag individually. That way, you'll guarantee your kids will love their ergobags throughout all their elementary school years.

Girls like blue, too

Princesses, football players and favorite animals: they all find their place on the ergobag. Every ergobag school bag is equipped with 4 Velcro surfaces so kids can customize their bags with special Velcro badges, called Kletties, to match their interests. The sports backpack features yet another Velcro surface. Although ergobag designs can generally be divided into boy and girl models, we've kept the materials of our bags purposely neutral. Thus, kids commit only to a base color for their bag, which they can then customize with Kletties anytime they like. Currently, kids can choose from over 20 colorful Klettie sets. Klettie-verstreut

Kletties, any way you want them

True specialists design their own themes! Whether it's a picture of a pet, their own drawing or family photos from your last vacation – with custom Kletties, the possibilities for self-expression are endless.

It's easy:

  1. At, choose one or four different Kletties to design.
  2. Select your favorite picture from the theme gallery or upload your own image.
  3. Then, just use the mouse to crop the image to the size of the Klettie and you're done! If you chose to design four Kletties, simply repeat the above process four times.
  4.  In a few days, you'll receive your Kletties in the mail. We hope you enjoy designing your own custom Kletties!

Ready to customize your ergobag... steady... go!

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